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Azteco Bitcoin Vouchers card E-voucher INR-500 (INSTANT DELIVERY)

Azteco Bitcoin Vouchers card E-voucher INR-500 (INSTANT DELIVERY)

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Azteco is the worlds easiest to use Bitcoin service. Users purchase Azteco Vouchers identical to the globally familiar paper vouchers sold by O2, T-Mobile, EE, MTN and all other mobile phone networks. They are the same in function to the gift cards sold by iTunes, Amazon, and the hundreds of gift cards with redeemable codes sold in supermarkets. Azteco Voucher codes are redeemable directly to the mobile phones of consumers, working the same way that top-up vouchers do to add call time to Pay-as-You-Go mobile phones. The vast majority of mobile phone use on earth is via Pay-as-You-Go, with users topping up by paper vouchers with 16 digit codes on demand. Now this convenience will be available for users of the Bitcoin network.

1. Azteco vouchers can be redeemed instantly online
2. Two voucher cannot be clubbed.
1. Azteco Vendors sell our vouchers that are reedeemable for Bitcoin by Azteco through its online system. Azteco is not a money transmitting business. Azteco Vendors do not sell Bitcoin.
2. Please redeem your Azteco Bitcoin Voucher within 24 hours of purchasing it.
3. Two voucher code cannot be clubbed.
4. Azteco is responsible for vouchers bought from its vendors only. Do not buy vouchers from people who are not Azteco Vendors.
5. After your Azteco Voucher is issued and delivered to you, the Azteco vendor who sold you your voucher has no responsibility for your voucher. In the unlikely event of difficulty redeeming your Azteco Voucher please contact Azteco and not the Azteco Vendor. You can leave a support request on +1 714 947-3425 or email Azteco Support at 
6. Azteco is not responsible for the speed at which your Bitcoin transaction is confirmed by the Bitcoin network. We are not responsible for the astronomically improbable circumstance of a problem with the Bitcoin network.
7. Azteco is not responsible for the Bitcoin wallet services, Bitcoin software or the software of Bitcoin accepting retailers that you redeem your Azteco Bitcoin Voucher to.
8. You alone are responsible for your conduct, how you use Azteco Bitcoin voucher.
9. Azteco is owned and operated by Azteco Holdings Ltd. and Azteco Holdings USA Azteco terms and conditions.
10. Voucher code will be delivered in 6-7 working days.

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