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Call Health eGift voucher gift card E-vocher INR-500 (INSTANT DELIVERY)

Call Health eGift voucher gift card E-vocher INR-500 (INSTANT DELIVERY)

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Running around for your health needs is a thing of the past! Call Health is the world's first and only healthcare service provider platform that brings the convenience of easy, doorstep access for all your healthcare needs. Now, you can order medicines, book diagnostics and imaging tests, consult doctors and specialists, avail Physiotherapy and Nursing services, seek home care support from experienced bedside attendants and get started on a customized wellness program- by simply booking an appointment - downloading the Call Health App or visit the website. Make the process of consultation and diagnosis simple by opting for Call Health Gift Vouchers and Gift Cards. Use the GV as a mode of payment to your consultation or diagnosis.

1. Log on to their site.
2. Fill in the required details.
3. Enter your voucher code and avail the discount.
1. The person who has the Call Health Gift Cards (Vouchers) Code is deemed to be the beneficiary.
2. Do inform the payment collection person (in case of home visit) that you plan to use the Gift Cards (Vouchers) for making payments before billing.
3. More than one Gift Card (Voucher) can be used in one bill.
4. ONE TIME Use.
5. No credit note / refund for the unused amount of the GV will be given.
6. Call Health Gift Cards (Vouchers) CANNOT be revalidated once expired.
7. Call Health Gift Cards (Vouchers) can be clubbed with on-going promotions.
8. Call Health Gift Cards (Vouchers) cannot be redeemed on specific block out dates. Call Health may add or delete any date on its sole discretion.
9. Any dispute related to the GV should be referred to the issuing company and the decision of the issuing company shall be final.
10. Call Health makes full efforts to accept Instant Gift Vouchers (GV) but on account of any technical reasons Gift Cards (Vouchers) may not be redeemed.
11. If an Instant Gift Cards (Vouchers) gets blocked on account of technical issues, it would get enabled in 72 hours.

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