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Chennai - Mpover Bike Ser... gift card E- voucher INR-500 (INSTANT DELIVERY)

Chennai - Mpover Bike Ser... gift card E- voucher INR-500 (INSTANT DELIVERY)

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Engine oil (20W40 Shell) 500 ml will be provided at no extra cost. The two repair costs will be reimbursed for Tyre/Tube punctures within 30 days of redemption. It includes basic cleaning like the Air filter and amp; Sparkplug, including inspection and lubrication like Chain, Accelerator cable, Clutch cable, Speedometer, cable and Choke cable. It also provides Inspect and amp; Report: Battery. Tyre, wheel bearing, Gear oil and Oil filter. Also, provides Basic Adjustment service: Brakes, Horns, Indicators, Headlight, handle free play, nuts and bolts and minor fixes.ded once expired.
1. Multiple Gift Vouchers CAN be used in one bill.
2. Gift Vouchers CANNOT be used online.
3. Gift Vouchers CAN be clubbed with on-going promotions/offers.
1. The Gift Card (Voucher) can be redeemed at any of our outlets.
2. Select Subscription plan of the specific product.
3. Provide the Gift Card (Voucher) at the time of service.
1. Note: The Gift Card (Voucher) will be delivered within 5-6 days. VOUCHER CAN ONLY BE USED IN CHENNAI.
2. eGift Card (Voucher) shall be used only for specific bikes attached to the company offering this service.
3. The name and mobile number connected to the company are only allowed to register for eGift Card (Voucher) service.
4. For any additional service other than eGift, the card facility shall be directly dealt with the service provider and the company will not be responsible for any damages.
5. The service shall be provided by the Mpover authorized e-Mech points or by the Mpover Mobile service van.
6. Spares and consumables are at the cost of bike owners.
7. Engine service and engine parts service is not included in the general service.
8. Any accidental damages shall be charged separately or assisted for insurance claim.
9. Only shell engine oil is used for bike service.
10. The service warranty is 30 days from the date of delivery.
11. Tyre purchased from Mpover is guaranteed for Free fitment.
12. Battery and Tyre warranty shall be claimed through Mpover authorized e-Mech points.

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