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Suzuki Value Voucher E-voucher gift card INR 500

Suzuki Value Voucher E-voucher gift card INR 500

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Suzuki manufactures automobiles, four-wheel drive vehicles, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), outboard marine engines, wheelchairs and a variety of other small internal combustion engines. Suzuki vouchers redeemed will be redeem against vehicle purchase at Authorised Suzuki Dealerships.

1. Multiple Gift Cards (Vouchers) CANNOT be used in one bill.
2. Gift Cards (Vouchers) are ACCEPTED in authorized Suzuki dealerships only.  
3. Gift Cards (Vouchers) CANNOT be used online.
1. Go to any authorized Suzuki dealership near you.
2. Present the Suzuki issued voucher at Authorised Suzuki Dealerships.
3. The delivery of the motorcycles shall be done within 15-30 days.
Suzuki Gift Cards (Vouchers) are available on the Xoxoday Store website/Mobile application. You can purchase these Gift Cards (Vouchers) by using Net Banking, Credit and Debit Cards.
1.  View and select from the available Gift Cards (Vouchers) of Suzuki.
2. Select your preferred denominations & checkout: You can choose the denomination/s of your preference from those available.
3. Pay via Debit/ Credit/ Net Banking or Xoxoday Voucher/Points: Enter your preferred mode of payment and purchase the Gift Voucher/s.
1. The above price is based on standard voucher value only indicative. Prices prevailing at the time of invoice will be applicable.
2. The differential amount of the on-road price prevailing at the time of invoicing shall be paid in full by the respective customer to the Suzuki motorcycle dealership for whom the Gift Cards (Vouchers) is issued.
3. Original Gift Cards (Vouchers), ID proof and address proof and all relevant documents for registration shall be submitted by the customer to the respective Suzuki motorcycle dealer.
4. The motorcycle will be delivered only after registration and will be registered only to the prescribed person on whom the gift voucher is issued. No cash refund will be given to the person for a gift voucher and it is non-transferable.
5. The Gift Cards (Vouchers) will be valid for 60 days from the date of issuance for redemption.
6. If the Gift Cards (Vouchers) is not redeemed within the stipulated time then the same stands cancelled and the same shall be discussed with the XOXODAY on further action whether to renew or refund of the voucher cost. 
7. The delivery of the motorcycles shall be done within 15-30 days from the date of balance payment by the XOXODAY member to respective Suzuki motorcycle dealership subject to stock availability.
8. Suzuki motorcycles will send Proforma invoice in hardcopy and mail to XOXODAY for that particular PO within 2 business days.
9. Suzuki motorcycle on receiving payment shall send the gift vouchers for redemption within 4 working days.
10. Each Gift Cards (Vouchers) will be redeemed against 1 Suzuki Two-Wheeler only i.e. there will be no clubbing of vouchers.
11. Final Invoice/ Debit Note or Payment receipt to be issued by Suzuki motorcycle for XOXODAY to adjust advance paid for Gift Cards (Vouchers). (Invoice of vehicle will be in the name of XOXODAY end beneficiary only).
12. Kindly share the address where you wish to register the vehicle to with your order number after placing the order. 
13. Suzuki will map the closest authorized dealer as per your address, if you have a preference to a particular Suzuki dealer then share the dealer name, contact person's name & number so that Suzuki can check & map that particular dealer.
14. Gift Cards (Vouchers) will be delivered within 13 to 15 working days. 
15. Two vouchers cannot be clubbed.

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